1. Anode Magnetron - type target loaded horizontally: Ultra low discharge voltage reduced ions damage and thermal damage to the sample.
  2. Low vacuum coating and floating sample stage design: Current does not pass through the sample and elevated temperature in a narrow range can reduce the sample damage.
  3. Simplicity of operation: Switch on the EVAC button, and the coating program can execute automatically in the setting - up time.

MSP-2S is the metal coating apparatus to improve the generating efficiency of the secondary electron, and preventing from the charge-up of the sample while SEM observation.

MSP-2S adopted a planer-magnetron electrode resultant makes a cool sputter coating method by the low voltage plasma discharge.

Specimen handled, setting the coating time, the EVAC program will execute after clicking the start button; after coating program ended, the vacuum pump will terminate automatically, then removing the specimen.


Electric power supply

AC100 V, Maximum current 10A

Equipment Size

340 mm width × 200 mm depth × 350 mm
The oil rotary pump was built-in, desk top style. m=14 Kg

Vacuum system

Evacuation speed: 20 l / min
Ultimate vacuum degree is 2Pa
Perfect coating chamber vacuum degree is 8-10 Pa

Distance of the target and specimen

Standard: L=25mm
Maximum: L=35mm
It is adjusted with the auxiliary stage plate

Coating chamber size

65 mm depth and 120 mm in-diameter. Pyrex glass made.

Target electrode size

55 mm diameter, the permanent magnet built-in planer magnetron

Target Metal

Au-Pd adopted as standard. Au, Pt-Pd, and Pt are as option

Specimen Stage

50mm diameter, floating stage by electrically separated from the anode

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