The ATLAS™ Micro-XRF spectrometer (µXRF) from IXRF Systems introduces a new world of x-ray mapping and automation. The ATLAS™ boasts the largest chamber volume and SDD detection area (150mm2) well as the smallest spot size (10µ) available on the market. Additionally, the ATLAS™ is complimented by the most comprehensive software suite including multi-point analysis, unattended automation, in-depth feature/image analysis, unprecedented mapping and reporting features, and much more. Models may be operated under air or vacuum as well as Helium flush for liquids and light element analysis.

Key Differentiation Features:

  • Comprehensive software suite
  • Multipoint/Multi-Area Automation
  • Complete Customization Control of Automation
  • SDD Detector Active Area up to 150mm2
  • Larger Chamber Volume
  • 50kv/50 watt tube
  • Spot Size down to 10microns with anti-halo optics

ATLAS Specifications

Sample Types

Solids, Liquids, Particles, Powders

Sample Chamber Size

20x18x10in. (508x457x254mm)

Excitation Source

12-50W, 0-60kV, 200 µA-1mA

Excitation Parameters

Aperture or Polycapillary Collimation)

Target Materials

Rh (others available)


50kV, 50W, 1mA (optional 2nd tube)

Spot Size



Up to 8
Geometry Top-down Beam (Perpendicular)


SDD (Si-Pin upon request)



Active Area

Stage Motorized X,Y,Z (available)
25x25mm up to 320x320mm ranges available
10kg+ load capacity

Sample Travel





Map Scan Speed


Sample Speed

up to 300mm/second

Sample View

Three Sample Positioning and Analysis Cameras

Instrument Control

PC; Windows 7/8
Complete control of parameters, filters, cameras, optical microscopes, sample illumination and positioning, and measurement media


100-240 V, 50/60 Hz


CE, RoHS, Radiation

Element Range



35x22x22in (890x560x560mm)

Quality and Safety

CE certified RoHS, Radiation ≤1 μSv/h

Introducing Benchtop XRF

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Since its incorporation over two decades ago, IXRF Systems has proven itself as a leader in x-ray microanalysis. IXRF uses innovative design and technology for example, IXRF remains the only EDS company capable of using the SEM PC, offering a “One PC Solution.”

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