Direct Acquire makes it possible for the user to define a specific region directly on the acquired SEM image for x-ray mapping. Compared to the other EDS software packages this feature is unique. It allows the user to acquire a regional map without ever leaving the image – click and drag.

Beam Drift Correction also comes standard on all systems for advanced high resolution mapping with the utmost accuracy.

All spectral data are automatically stored with Iridium Ultra FastMaps technology. Map files are stored in IXRF’s unique compression file format. This allows for large maps to be compressed to their smallest size. Typical map file sizes are less than five megabytes. Iridium Ultra’s PixelWand allows the users to “click and drag” across maps to view spectra, intensities or concentrations from individual pixels.

Composition Map is an integral part of the Iridium Ultra mapping application. It allows users to extract elemental, as well as, compound phase and concentration information, displaying them in user defined colors.

Iridium Ultra users have access to text annotation and feature analysis tools within the FastMaps application. Add text, draw arrows, measure micron size features, display kV, etc. Feature analysis tools can all be customized and saved.


Direct Acquire x-ray spectra enables three types of spectral acquisition directly from the SEM image:
  • Point Analysis
  • Square/Rectangle
  • Freehand Analysis

Iridium Ultra material characterization is comprised of spectral matching and material classification databases. The MatchSpectra feature finds the closest matching spectrum from specified directories of stored spectra. The Chi-square values for the closest 10 spectral matches are displayed. MaterialClassifcation compares a spectrum’s elemental analysis against a user-defined database of stored material compositions. The closest matching material in the database is reported.

Spectrum Synthesis enables an analyst to theoretically generate a spectrum based upon manually entered components and concentrations. Sample concentrations may be loaded and simulated without a physical sample in the SEM.

The advanced quantitation panel allows an analyst to automatically convert elements to oxides. For extended power, the quantitation method may be selected on an element by element basis, allowing for varying routines using ZAF, Match and Least Squares in a single analysis. Standardless ZAF is the default method, however, standards can be used to improve accuracy.


The implementation of Direct Acquire puts the Iridium Ultra platform at the forefront of EDS/EDX analysis. This feature enables access to all aspects of x-ray analysis directly from the SEM image. FastMaps, FastLinescans and three types of spectrum acquisition are available upon image acquisition. The image, analysis positions and collected data can be saved in a single EDS DataSet file or individually as separate files.

Direct Acquire acquisition tools are at the pinnacle of simplicity; the user need only acquire an image and select a desired tool to begin data generation.

The tools include:
  • FastMap
  • FastLinescan
  • Single Point Spectrum
  • Raster area spectrum
  • Single freehand area spectrum
  • Automated Multipoint Acquisition of Spectra (point or area)

Imaging Features:
  • Image acquisition at up to 4096 x 4096 resolution
  • 24-bit color display
  • Brightness, Contrast and customized color palette adjustments
  • 3D Rendering
  • Image file browser displays “thumbnail” view of files for easy selection
  • Annotate images with text, lines, micron bar and kV among others
  • Histogram equalization
  • Image filters including smoothing, sharpening and user-defined filters
  • Morphological processing for automatic particle identification and feature calculation (i.e. area, length, diameter, feret)
  • Image “Phase” Segmentation with area percent calculator


Direct Acquire FastLinescans makes it possible for the user to define a specific region directly on the acquired SEM image for x-ray linescanning. Iridium Ultra allows dwell time up to 1000 seconds per point and simultaneous profiling of up to 31 elements.

Compared to other EDS software packages this feature is unique; it allows the user to acquire a regional linescan without ever leaving the SEM image- just click and drag.

The PixelWand tool interactively displays spectra, element intensities and element concentrations along the linescan as the user moves the cursor across the linescan. A bar graph displays the intensities or concentrations as position marker shows the corresponding location on the image. FastLinescans may be generated and extracted from exiting FastMaps. Both tools utilize postion marked spectroscopy (ie. Saves spectrum at each pixel).

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