X-ray Spectra Overview

Iridium Ultra simplifies analysis yet maintains sophistication by providing a variety of methods for identification and quantitation. Simple customized automation allows the user to quickly get through difficult sample analysis. As an example of sophistication, any combination of the quantitation methods ZAF, Match and Least Squares, can be used in a single analysis. Thus, the user can utilize all of the power of the Iridium Ultra quantitation methods to solve complex analysis problems.


  • Qualitative analysis tools for automatic and manual peak identification and labeling
  • Complete spectrum processing including escape and sum peak removal, automatic background removal and net peak extractions using Gaussian deconvolution
  • Quantitative analysis using ZAF, with or without standards, Least Squares, Hall, Cliff-Lorimer or Quantitative Spectral Matching
  • One click quantitative analysis and component calculator for compound analysis
  • Analysis settings files store all quantitative analysis settings, ensuring consistent, repeatable analysis of each sample type
  • Complete customization of analysis report output; combine multiple analyses into a single tabulated report
  • Automated analysis of multiple regions of the SEM image
  • Export spectra to standard image files (i.e. TIFF, JPG, BMP)

Interactive and Online Help System

The comprehensive Iridium Ultra help system features F1 Online Help, bubble help, and Interactive Help Panels; it boasts quick start-up and intelligent use. There is search capability and indexing for every feature in the software.

The Interactive Help Panel may be viewed or removed from the display at the user’s discretion. Its flexibility allows an analyst to get quick, efficient step by step instructions to any feature without the confines of a fixed linear panel.

Introducing Benchtop XRF

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Since its incorporation over two decades ago, IXRF Systems has proven itself as a leader in x-ray microanalysis. IXRF uses innovative design and technology for example, IXRF remains the only EDS company capable of using the SEM PC, offering a “One PC Solution.”

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