Have a working detector and just need new software and electronics? No problem, IXRF replaces everything but the existing detector. Our electronics interface with every EDS detector. IXRF guarantees resolution and light element performance. Advanced Ethernet electronics enhance light element performance and allow faster digital imaging and x-ray elemental mapping. As a testament to our confidence in quality, IXRF includes a special one year warranty on our electronics.

New 550i Analyzer Upgrade Features Include:

  • System incorporates Active Imaging combined with Digital Processing x-ray Electronics.
  • Ethernet is 10/100 megabits/second for easy adaptation to any PC Networking system.
  • 4096 multi-channel analyzer.
  • CE Certified fully digital x-ray acquisition and detector control with Liquid Nitrogen built in warm up protection when Si-Li detectors are offered.
  • Single module combines Imaging and x-ray electronics.
  • Data Streaming: Multiple buffers provide optimal mapping efficiency to support high count rate applications.
  • LCD Display Displays count rate, detector voltages, and oscilloscope functions.

IXRF customers never pay for software upgrades! It’s our thanks for analyzing with us. New feature developments are made available, at no cost, for existing primary customers for the life of their system. We have carried our customers through Windows 3.11, 2000, NT, XP, Vista, and now Windows 7 at no additional charge to anyone in any country!

IXRF can rebuild, maintain, and support, your existing detector. Si-Li crystals can be upgraded. Light element windows replace Be windows for light element detection. For customers that would like to move to SDD (Silicon Drift Diodes), we offer these as well.


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Since its incorporation over two decades ago, IXRF Systems has proven itself as a leader in x-ray microanalysis. IXRF uses innovative design and technology for example, IXRF remains the only EDS company capable of using the SEM PC, offering a “One PC Solution.”

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