The new ƒX SEMTM custom x-ray source is designed exclusively for use on electron microscopes. The compact design, and slide mounting, allow very close coupling to the sample. The orientation yields high “flux” (x-rays) in small to large excitation areas on the sample surface. The ƒX SEMTM offers excitation areas 500µ to 25mm. The integrated high-voltage power supply operates up to a maximum power of 10 watts (35 kV and 0.1 mA depending on anode material). The close coupling provides XRF analytical results comparable to those from traditional “benchtop” or “standalone” units. The ƒX SEMTM is designed so that it does not interfere with the normal operation of the electron microscope, including the use of the electron beam on the same sample, at the same time collecting all elements simultaneously.

No special cooling is required.

But why?
Electron beams (from scanning electron microscopes) produce very high backgrounds hiding the trace elements in the sample. X-rays, from a true “x-ray” source don’t have this effect. Using the ƒX SEMTM low ppm levels of elements can be easily identified, quantified, and even producing trace level x-ray maps to view elemental distribution of trace elements in your sample.

Xb Specifications

Anode Type

End-window transmission

Target Material

Ag, Mo & W

Accelerating Voltage


Beam Current


Anode Spot Size


Collimator Size

200µm, 500µm, 1000µm (others available)

Source Filters

Available upon request

Cooling Requirements

Conduction cooled, no fan required


Variable control kV/µA, X-ray on/off buttons, kV/µA display. Interlocked to SEM, keyed power-on switch, Integrated high-voltage power supply, HV-On lamp, warning beacon

Introducing Benchtop XRF

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