For Almost Three Decades,
IXRF Has Distinguished Itself as an
Innovator in X-Ray Microanalysis

Over the past three decades, IXRF has been designing and manufacturing high-end X-ray Microanalysis systems that are fitted to Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM). Almost 10 years ago, IXRF developed SEM-XRF microscope attachments allowing broader elemental analysis coverage. In 2014, IXRF launched our ATLAS series of general purpose, micro spot energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (microEDXRF) spectrometers for the measurement and mapping of elements from sodium (Na) through uranium (U).

Company Timeline

Our Products

Core Competencies

XRF Spectrometry
Elemental Analysis

IXRF has been in the XRF and elemental analysis industry for over 25 years. Its founding partners have more than 50 years of tenure in the field.

Hardware Design

We have a dedicated team including staff, partners, and consultants with extensive experience in x-ray, mechanical, and electrical engineering.


We will customize our software for you. IXRF has written countless custom features / applications and integrated numerous different hardware components across many platforms.

Supply Chain

With an extensive supply chain network, from machining and prototyping to manufacturing and final assembly, IXRF Systems can supply all of your microanalysis needs.

Sample Applications

Museum artifacts and currency
Metals and alloys
Gemstone inclusions
Painting authenticity/dating
Paints, inks, pigments
Corrosion products
Biomedical devices/implants
Solar cells
Optical filters
RoHS, WEEE, and ELV compliance

Environmental analysis
Lead contamination in consumer goods
Soil contamination
Material characterization for recycling
Marine/ocean sediments
Airborne particles/air filters
Forensic science
Glass chips
Paint cross sections
Inks & pigments
Soils & stones
Gun shot residue
Material identification

Phase boundaries
Mineral identification
Mining test cores
Building materials (concrete, cement)
Medicine & biology
Bones & tissues
Leaves & plants
Particle analysis