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ATLAS X microXRF Ultimate Micro-spot Hyperspectral
XRF Imaging Spectrometer System

∙ Up to 280 mm² SDD for fast maps

∙ 5 um spot size for highest spatial resolution

∙ Largest chamber with 300 x 400 mm mapping

∙ Perpendicular tube geometry for round pixels

∙ Easy-to-use Iridium Ultra software w/ automation

Our Products

IXRF designs and manufactures high-end X-ray Microanalysis systems that are fitted to Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM/EDS). IXRF developed SEM-XRF microscope attachments allowing broader elemental analysis coverage. Additionally IXRF offers the ATLAS series of general purpose, microXRF energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (microXRF) spectrometers for elemental analysis and hyperspectral imaging of elements from carbon (C) through uranium (U). We specialize in: SEM/EDS, SEM-XRF and microXRF.
Made in U.S.A.


Imaging microXRF Spectrometers

The ATLAS series of micro-XRF microscopic hyperspectral imaging spectrometers are the latest general-purpose micro X-ray spot energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) instruments for the measurement and mapping of elements from sodium (Na) through uranium (U).

Designed to image and analyze a wide variety of sample types, ATLAS leads the industry in virtually every major specification category, from the most powerful software  (Iridium Ultra) and the largest detector active area to our superior perpendicular geometry and smallest micro-spot.



SEM/EDS:  For scanning electron microscopes (SEM), we offer a complete EDS (EDX) system: software,  SDD detectors, digital signal processors, and software. Our Windows®-10 based EDS software – Iridium Ultra – delivers all-inclusive functionality.

SEM-XRF:  IXRF’s Xb micro-spot X-ray source adds the capabilities of a complete micro X-ray fluorescence (microXRF) spectrometer to any scanning electron microscope (SEM). μXRF users benefit from non-destructive measurements, superior trace element sensitivity, and broader elemental coverage (Na through U).

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Monitoring Mine Waste with MicroXRF: A New Frontier in Environmental Protection

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Refining Fossil Analysis at Mazon Creek with MicroXRF: Focus on Sea Cucumbers

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IXRF Systems specializes in micro-spot X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometers employing energy dispersive detectors (EDXRF). XRF is an X-ray spectrometric technique for elemental analysis of a wide variety of materials. Other phrases for XRF instruments include: microXRF, microEDXRF, micro-XRF, micro-EDXRF, μXRF, μEDXRF, micro XRF, energy dispersive X-ray spectrometry, energy dispersive spectrometry (EDS or EDX), X-ray spectroscopy, energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, XRF analyzer, XRF spectrometer, XRF analysis, X-ray fluorescence analyzer, x-ray fluorescence spectrometry, fluorescence x, spectromètre de fluorescence X, Röntgenfluoreszenzanalyse, fluorescencia de rayos X, Röntgenfluoreszenz, Röntgenfluorescentie, Röntgenfluorescens, Röntgenfluoresenssi, Røntgenfluorescens and Promieniowanie rentgenowskie.

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What type of EDS detectors does IXRF offer?

IXRF offers a multitude of different X-ray detectors. You may choose from several different guaranteed resolutions.

I am interested in an upgrade. Can I use my existing EDS detector?

Yes, IXRF was designed to interface with most detectors. We have not come across one which was incompatible. In many cases light element sensitivity is increased due to our digital pulse processing electronics.

When I upgrade my IXRF software, what needs to be done?

Simply download the latest version and install it.

Once I buy an IXRF system and later decide to change to a different SEM, can the IXRF system be adapted to a different SEM?

It the majority of situations, yes the detector can be fitted to be moved to the new SEM. Please contact IXRF at the beginning of your planning so that we can verify if your detector can work for the SEM you are considering purchasing.

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