Application Note

ASTM Method for Forensic Comparison of Glass Using Micro X-ray Fluorescence (μ-XRF) Spectrometry

Application Note

ASTM E2926

The ASTM method is for the non-destructive comparison of forensic glass fragments by determining the major, minor, and trace elements present in the glass. Iridium Ultra software incorporates all of the analytical requirements of the ASTM method in an easy-to-use format that includes everything from automatic peak identification to automatic report generation. The guidelines of the method are built into the software to assure that all aspects of the method are correctly followed and documented. Spectra can be collected via IXRF’s micro-XRF mounted on an SEM (SEM-XRF) or by employing one of our ATLAS series microEDXRF imaging spectrometers.

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Forensic sampling

ATLAS M microEDXRF System

ASTM E2926 Excel Report

Iridium Ultra automatically calculates element ratios and signal-to-noise ratios per the ASTM method. In addition, it automatically creates Excel Spread Sheets.

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